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Call it therapy by chocolate.

When I had to quit sugar completely for a few weeks, my subconscious led me to sculpt them out of clay.

It's all about finding beauty in refrain. Purpose in pause. Meaning in self-control. Creativity out of restraint. For all the things that humans want but cannot have. These pieces symbolise joy and love, a reminder that need and want are actually lightyears apart.

It fills you with gratitude for what you are blessed to have already.

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  • “I met Rawan personally back in 2017 through my sister while visiting her in Dubai. I knew right from the start she was a creative. Takes one to know one. Fast forward to 2023, I stumbled upon her chocolate wall art on Instagram and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I have never seen anything like it. I had to have it. I was obsessed and had to have one immediately. As a Parsons graduate, I have a love of all things uniquely creative and that is Rawan Sirry!  I’m now working on my 2nd piece by her because one is just not enough. These are conversation starters … exactly what I was looking for."
    -Karuna Chani
  • "Being an artist myself, I especially appreciate the level of details and extra ordinary creativity of these unique candy, chocolaty art pieces … every time I pass by my art work, I am always in awe plus it brings me  joy … it just makes you smile."
    -Janan Shihadeh
  • "Lucky to be the proud owner of one of Rawan's master pieces. My piece is equally delicious and gorgeous. Knowing the artist on a personal level makes me appreciate the passion and intricacy of her art."

    Zeina Khoury
  • "Rawan’s beautiful pieces can instantly inspire the traveller within to reignite…to a land of joy, wonder and sheer curiosity. Somehow bringing the best experiences of childhood within one frame…it’s a treasure to have and experience. Wherever it adorns, it expands the simple thing we all seek…happiness."
    -Anshika Chaturvedi
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